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The Space Ghost Coast to Coast Fan Community

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19th July 2006

warrenwon11:08am: HOLY CRAP!
FINALLY, it looks like SGC2C DVD vol. 4 is on its way. The adultswim.com message boards (and an employee blog) have volume 4 coming out tenatively in...SEPTEMBER!!! The only drawback is that it will only be available online at the adult swim online store. But still....SG VOL 4!!!! HOORAY!!!!

22nd May 2006

samn8:12pm: hey, guys. just wanted to introduce myself. my name is samn. i've been a sgc2c fan since around 1997.

i also wanted to let all of you know that they've got all you can eat birthday cake in the commissary. comes with a small fresca, $2.95.

9th March 2006

arethinn2:08pm: You've destroyed Warren. I'm tellin'.
Space Ghost: Zorak!
Zorak: What?
Space Ghost: Shut your beak.
Zorak: Before you... close it with medical sutures?
Space Ghost: No, before I seal it using a powerful space-age adhesive, which I keep in my fanny pack.
Monitor: You know the rules. No fanny packs.

(Dramatic sting music - Space Ghost's fanny pack disappears)

Space Ghost: My breakfast bars!

(transcription courtesy http://snard.com/sg/guide/?ep=62&fmt=0)

21st February 2006

arethinn5:18pm: processing books at work

...you weasel!


19th January 2006

warrenwon10:57pm: OK Cupid Test
If anyone is interested, there is a Space Ghost: Coast to Coast test on OKCupid. You don't have to be a member to take it or anything, and it's a fun little diversion. Here's the link: Space Ghost Test Enjoy! (and if you don't take it, you're King Dead!!!)
arethinn12:31pm: beef log! cheese log!
I have had this in my head all frackin' morning. Coffee hasn't helped. I therefore share the pain.

Beef log, beef log, what a treat
A hefty hunk of processed meat
Dipped in mustard, oh what joy!
I'm a jolly beef log boy

Brak, I beg to disagree
Cheese log is the log for me
As a meal or as a snack,
It's my favourite saturated fat

Cheese log, cheese log, cylindrical and yellow
Cut a cheese log and I'm a happy fellow

Beef log, beef log, what a treat
A hefty hunk of processed meat
Dipped in mustard, oh what joy!
I'm a jolly beef log boy

Beef log!
Cheese log, cheese log,
Cylindrical and yellow
Cut a cheese log
And I'm a happy fellow

Cheese log!

5th January 2006

arethinn10:10am: Today when I parked my car at work I opened a window a little bit to let the condensation that had somehow managed to get on the inside of the rear window evaporate in the sun. So I says to myself, I says:

"Space Ghost! Crack a window, wouldja?"
"I'd be violently sucked into space."

17th July 2005

dunkin_donuts_111:27am: OMG...
First time poster as I just joined this very minute!

I love SGC2C! Just got the dvd volume one and two! It rawks!!! Boo-ya!

Anyone know where I can find a SGC2C mood theme?
Current Mood: excited

21st June 2005

arethinn11:31pm: Space Ghost returns to Adult Swim, Sunday nights, 12:45 AM!

Tune in, or Zorak will show you his hinder!
Current Mood: excited

7th May 2005

kameil4:58pm: How come all the sgc2c communities are dead?! NOT cool! *sulk* Does anyone have any information on George and what he's up to, art-wise? I love his drawings so much...

31st March 2005

arethinn9:43pm: "Quick, who am I?"

"Space Ghost."

"Wrong! My name is Luca. I live on the second floor."

31st January 2005

arethinn8:59pm: Grandpa Ghostal: Who's, uh, next on the beating list?

Saucer Crab: Earthling Mary Hart.

Grandpa Ghostal: Finally, some Entertainment Tonight! (laughs)

11th November 2004

arethinn1:27am: "And now for someone completely indifferent!"


21st August 2004

cyclopsrocker4:58pm: SG
hey.. i am new.. and i was wondering if any of you have seen the episode of Coast to Coast featuring the guys from Mr. Show? and if so, which season was that?!
Current Mood: cold

19th June 2004

molrak11:47pm: Pre-community teaser
My name is molrak, and I decided that I wasn't happy with what lj had to offer for Space Ghost communities. So I made my own, I registered the name, and then I promptly forgot about it. That was almost a year ago. Today, I rediscovered the email confirmation as I was digging through some old emails, and I quickly went about changing the group from a user into sgc2c. The series may be dead, but as communities such as mst3k have shown, even though a tv series is no longer in production, doesn't mean it won't live forever in our memories, official dvds, vhs tapes, and avi files.

Speaking of dvds, Space Ghost Coast to Coast Volume 2 should be out sometime this fall, maybe. There was some confusion as to whether it's still scheduled for then or not, but evandorkin has said that they just went to record some commentary for the episodes. Volume 3 is scheduled for a spring 2005 release, and volume 4 is tentatively set for a fall 2005 release.

I'm contemplating doing a daily or weekly quote post for this group, or maybe trying to dig up little known facts, or just anything to make this group a little more active. Hopefully there will be new episodes in December, but there hasn't been much talk of whether those plans are still a go or not.

Anyway, if you're new to the group, welcome! Anything and everything Space Ghost is appropriate for this group, from the original 60s SG all the way through the latest Space Ghost Coast to Coast episodes. I do have quite a bit of experience at maintaining communities on livejournal, and I consider this group to be an off-shoot of my adultswimfans community. As such, the rules for this group will mirror the rules on [asf]. I plan on doing a more formal introduction once I get everything set up (the layout, the info page, etc.), but for now, I'm using this message as a place-holder, and keep your power bands on stun--you're amongst friends here (who just happen to be former criminals you threw in jail and are now utilizing as cheap labor for your talk show).
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